F4 reunites in Beijing


After a gap of four years, F4 members are finally reuniting for the Jiangsu Satellite TV’s lunar new year spring festival. F4 will rehearse tonight and will record the programme tomorrow.

Ken Chu has already arrived in Beijing two days ago. Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu and Vic Chou subsequently arrived in Beijing yesterday. As Jerry’s eye was injured during a filming, he was spotted wearing a pair of shades. Although Jerry and Vanness took the same flight, it was pretty obvious that Jerry was the favourite among the two. He was quickly swarmed by fans upon arriving at the airport.

Jerry was in a good mood and interacted with his fans in Beijing. He also greeted the reporters politely. Vanness also took the opportunity to send his greetings to the reporters. Shortly after, Vanness posted a picture together with Jerry on his Weibo and wrote, “My brother, long time no see!”

Vic arrived at Beijing earlier than Jerry and Vanness. Spotted with a mask at the airport, Vic expressed that he was looking forward to the reunion and hoped that the group could stage a spectacular performance.

F4’s popularity skyrocketed after starring in Taiwanese idol drama, Meteor Garden <流星花園> in 2001. After staging seven concerts in Japan, the members went on to develop their solo careers. F4 reportedly will pocket RMB 6 million for their reunited performance at the Jiangsu Satellite TV’s lunar new year spring festival. They will also perform their hit songs, Meteor shower <流星雨> and First Time <第一時間> at the show.

Source: appledaily.com.tw 

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