Fala Chen and boyfriend hitting a rough patch


Tabloids claimed that Fala Chen’s relationship with Neway heir, Daniel Sit was going through a rough patch.

After her contract with TVB expired, Fala has decided not to renew it and has plans to set up an artiste management company to recruit newcomers in the showbiz. Her boyfriend, Daniel initially has agreed to invest in her company, but his father has stopped him from pumping money into Fala’s venture. In addition, Daniel’s father reportedly has now favoured his younger brother, Ernie Sit after he and his wife announced pregnancy.

Fala and Daniel were said to have quarreled because of his broken promise to invest into her business. Subsequently, Fala headed to United States to further her studies during this cooling off period.

While attending a movie publicity earlier, Fala was spotted to have lost much weight. She revealed that her boyfriend would not be travelling with her to the States.

Facing the numerous speculations on their relationship, Fala has left a note on her Weibo previously.

“I choose to remain silent because I do not want to lie. This is the last I could do for you and me.”

Fala later clarified that she was only penning the lyrics from a song. However, after that, she wrote another piece of sentimental article, but deleted the post immediately.

Fala has been widely rumoured to have gotten married to Daniel, although she has dismissed their wedding rumours.

Source: Ming Pao

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