Fans get into ugly spat over headline that reads “5566 rides on Mayday”


What happens when Taiwanese boy band, 5566 and Taiwanese rock band, Mayday share a stage together? They were supposed to blow the fans away and create sparks on stage, but instead, their joint performance has caused ‘fumes’ the next day.

Two nights ago, 5566 was invited as a guest performer at Mayday’s concert in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and it was their first reunion performance after splitting up in 2009. However, their return performance has disappointed some audience.

5566 sang three songs at the concert which included It doesn’t matter <無所謂>, I’m Sad <我難過> and I won’t leave you alone <我不願讓你一個人>. Singing their hit track, I’m sad <我難過>, 5566 delivered a choppy performance. Besides singing out of tune, they forgot their lyrics, were off beat, and dived into the chorus at the wrong time. Even Mayday’s A-shin had to jump into their rescue and helped out with the singing.

The next day, Taiwanese media headlined “5566 rides on Mayday” and sparked an ugly spat between the fans of both camps.


While 5566 fans remarked that it was an deliberate publicity stunt by Mayday, their fans retaliated that Mayday was only trying to help their friends. Some netizens also mocked at 5566’s out-of-tune singing and renamed them as “2266” instead.

Responding on the negative news from the collaboration, Mayday’s recording label Bin Music said, “It’s a good thing for good musicians to collaborate. Everyone should reunite and push Taiwanese music into the international arena.”

Meanwhile, fans lamented that 5566’s ex-member Rio Peng did not reunite with the band. Some of the 5566’s fans were touched by their return performance and also called for their reunion soon.

Source: Apple Daily, Youtube 

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