Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni end their 3 years’ relationship


Chinese celebrity couple, Feng Shaofeng and Ni Ni have shockingly announced their breakup.

A few days ago, rumours circled that Shaofeng and Ni Ni had ended their 3 years’ relationship in February.

A source said that on the next day of Valentine’s Day, Shaofeng wrote a message among his friends, “It has been three years. Fortunately, there is no anger and resentment. Let’s retain our feelings as a keepsake.”

The source also said that Shaofeng and Ni Ni had already informed their friends about their breakup. Reports also said that the couple had tried to salvage their relationship, but to no avail. Shaofeng reportedly has moved out of their apartment.

Shaofeng’s manager has confirmed their breakup and said that the couple remained as friends.

She said, “The couple broke up peacefully. As a manager, I felt sorry for them and will send them my blessings. Thank you for your concern.”

Source: Epoch Times

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