G.E.M. Tang pours her sorrow through song: “You have left me”


G.E.M. Tang and Yoga Lin are rumoured to have parted ways after the former posted a despairing statement on her Weibo that read, “When you see someone making the same mistake over and over again, will you accept the person over and over again? I don’t know, but at my age of 22, I can’t do it yet.”

G.E.M. is currently competing in a China’s popular reality singing competition, I Am A Singer 2 <我是歌手 2>. In her latest performance, G.E.M. selected Jay Chou’s hit track, Tornado <龍捲風>.

Through the lyrics, “Unconsciously, you have left me”, “Love goes so fast and seems like a tornado,” G.E.M. appeared to pour her sorrows and feelings through her song.

After her performance, Phil Chang asked if she had selected the song because of her recent breakup.

G.E.M. hesitated for a moment before replying, “If there was no breakup, why would I sing Tornado?”

Source: Nownews 

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