Gigi Leung and husband kiss passionately for 8 times!


Gigi Leung and her Spanish husband, Sergio tied the knot in Spain on October 2010. On the eve of Gigi’s birthday, the blissful couple was photographed kissing passionately for eight times within a short span of 90 minutes!

Two days ago, Sergio was driving Gigi to pick up her relatives from the airport. While stopping their car to fill up fuel at the gas station, Sergio leaned forward and gave Gigi a peck on her cheek. Within seven minutes, Sergio kissed Gigi twice!

Sergio then drove the car into the carpark of the airport. While waiting in a car for 45 minutes, the couple chatted endlessly and Sergio suddenly kissed Gigi again. Gigi also returned a kiss to her romantic husband and the pair was engrossed in their world. The love birds were spotted kissing five times during their 45 minutes in car.


The flames definitely did not stop there.

Sergio and Gigi walked into the airport hand in hand. The passionate Sergio held Gigi’s waist and was attentive towards her. After sharing a cup of espresso, the couple went to get two more cups of fruit juice and exchanged drinking. Unmindful about the surroundings and the people, the couple locked lips again for the eighth time in airport!

Gigi was clearly drowned in the blissfulness!

Yesterday was Gigi’s 37th birthday. She had a birthday celebration with her husband, twin brother and her family. She also expressed on her Weibo that she would donate gifts to the charities.


Source: Apple Daily 

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