Gillian Chung hinted breakup reason


Breakup rumours of Gillian Chung and her Korean boyfriend, Tyler surfaced after Gillian suddenly unfollowed her boyfriend on Weibo.

Since dating, Gillian has many times attended as couple with Tyler in public events and even arranged for him to collaborate with her entertainment agency, Emperor Entertainment Group (EGG).

There are speculations on why their relationship lasted briefly. First, the couple could not sustain their long distance relationship as they were constantly apart. Secondly, Gillian found it hard to tolerate Tyler’s male chauvinist behaviour and that he was often surrounded by beautiful women.

On her Weibo today, Gillian hinted that her boyfriend had failed to cherish and protect her by reposting her friend’s message. Her posting read, “A man has to cherish and protect his other half. Don’t worry, you will find someone who loves you one day.”

Meanwhile, Gillian seemed to be unaffected by the breakup and was spotted on a shopping spree. The singer-actress reportedly bought for herself HK$200,000 worth of diamond earrings and some accessories for her mum.

Upon returning to her house after shopping, Gillian saw a group of reporters waiting for her and remained in the car for some time before getting off. When reporters called her name, Gillian ignored and walked off quickly with the shopping bags in her hands.

Yesterday, Gillian responded through her manager Mani Fok and said, “I just returned to Hong Kong from filming and am really tired. I just want to have a good rest and will not respond on anything.”

Mani also said that Gillian and Tyler’s breakup will not affect the collaboration with EEG.


Source: Oriental Daily 

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