Hannah Quinlivan plagued by pimples

EN09_001Yesterday, a pimple face Hannah Quinlivan was spotted at a Taiwan’s Sony store, promoting the latest model of a bluetooth speaker.

Although the 19-year-old model was dressed sexily, one can’t help but set their eyes onto her face. Despite putting on a heavy make-up, the pimples on Hannah’s were quite obvious.

Hannah explained that due to her young age, the hormonal changes would easily result into pimple breakouts.

Hannah recently also made a guest appearance in a drama, acting as a dainty woman. When asked she was also a dainty woman in real life, Hannah said, “I am still a young girl but not a little woman.”

Her boyfriend, Jay Chou has been flaunting his newly toned body.

When responding if Jay liked to flaunt his muscles to her, Hannah smiled and replied, “If you see that he likes to flaunt usually, then he is the kind who likes to flaunt.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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