Hiromi Wada denies having affair with TVB actor, Hugo Wong


Recently, Japanese-Hong Kong artiste, Hiromi Wada (裕美) was rumoured to be having an affair with TVB actor, Hugo Wong.

Hong Kong tabloids reported that Hugo was spotted holding Hiromi’s waist at a supermarket. Hiromi was also said to be spending the night at Hugo’s place.

When the reports surfaced, Hiromi shockingly revealed that she was already separated from her husband!

She said, “I have been single for half a year, and I am now in the process of divorcing. The unhappiest time was over. When we had problems, I cried everyday.”

Hiromi said that their separation was due to incompatible personalities, and there was no third party involved.

When asked on her “date” with Hugo, Hiromi said, “We had a meal with a group of friends, and there were crew members too. I knew that someone was taking our photos, and I thought of going after the photographer, but I could not find him. I did not stay over at his place. A group of friends organised a big gathering. I left at about 8 to 9 pm.”

Hiromi also denied dating Hugo. She said, “There is really no such thing. We are good friends. Although Hugo and I are not filming same series, I will ask his advice on acting. There is really nothing between us.”

When asked to respond on Hugo being seen hugging her waist, Hiromi said, “It’s just the camera angle. It’s just like people who say that I have plastic surgery. There are just camera angles.”

Hiromi kept stressing that she and Hugo were not in a relationship, and that she is currently single.



Source: On.cc

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