Hugo Wong: I am not involved with a married woman


TVB actor, Hugo Wong was rumoured to be having an affair with married woman, Hiromi Wada. When the reports surfaced, Hiromi immediately disclosed that she was separated from her husband, but denied in a relationship with Hugo.

Responding on reports that said that Hiromi had spent the night at his place, Hugo said that it was a group gathering, and their other friends were not photographed in the pictures. Hugo was also spotted holding the waist of Hiromi.

He denied and said, “No such thing. It was just the photo angle!”

Hugo also said that he was not aware that Hiromi was filing the divorce papers. When being told that Hiromi’s good friend Zac Kao had commented that “Getting involved with someone’s wife is wrong”, Hugo said, “Of course, it’s wrong to get involved with someone’s wife. Anyway, I am not involved with a married woman.”

Hugo stressed that he and Hiromi were only friends. “Even if the other party is married, she can have normal socialisation. (Will you avoid in future?) We can’t help it in our line of work. When you are being photographed, reports will say that you are together. Why can’t we have a normal social life in this line?”

Hugo joined TVB in 1999 and is classmates with Kenneth Ma and Ron Ng in the 14th TVB acting class. Although in this line for many years, he is often cast as supporting roles. However, Hugo’s onscreen partners are often A-list actresses such as Aimee Chan, Nancy Wu, Sharon Chan and Rosina Lam.

Two years ago, he was also rumoured with Ali Lee after the pair was spotted on a dinner date, and both returned to Hugo’s place afterwards. The pair denied the rumours then.

Last year, Hugo was photographed with Jinny Ng, but the duo denied the rumours too.


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