Is it over for Aaron and Lynn?


Is it over between Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung?

Recently, Lynn hinted her separation with the heavenly king when she posted a photo on her Weibo with a ring on her pinky finger. She wrote, “A new gift for myself, to wish myself the best and a brand new journey…”

As a ring on a pinky finger signifies a break up, speculations arise if Lynn and Aaron have broken up. A netizen wrote, “Didn’t you just claim the status of Mrs Kwok at his (Aaron) concert recently?”

Tabloids reported that Lynn had been pressurising Aaron to get married and was worried when romantic rumours between her boyfriend and Christine Kuo surfaced. She then made a high-profile appearance at Aaron’s concert last month to claim her “Mrs Kwok” status.

An insider disclosed that Lynn had initially wanted to seek clarification about the rumours from Aaron after his concert. However, Aaron refused to clarify his rumour with Christine and even said that they were good friends. Lynn was furious and was heard saying, “I will not tolerate anymore. It’s time to wake up!”


On 6 April 2013, Lynn posted a photo of her two dogs and wrote, “With you guys by my side, I can ride through the tough times.”

On 8 April, she wrote again, “I always thought, always thought that you can. Always thought that you are strong and do not mind anything. However, those that are already buried inside your heart, maybe you will only understand it later.”

On the other hand, Aaron has also changed the name of his horse which he bought with Chilam Cheung. The horse was originally named ‘Ai He” as ‘He’ has the same pronunciation as Hung in Cantonese. The horse is renamed ‘Ai Jiang’ by Aaron, which further fuels speculations on the couple’s separation.

Lynn’s manager, Kim did not deny the breakup rumours and said, “Since she wrote it this way, there should be some meaning inside the words! It’s best you ask the parties directly!”

Source: ihktv, Next Magazine, Oriental Daily

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