It’s over for Joel Chan and Florinda Ho


Joel Chan and Florinda Ho is over.

Earlier, the couple’s relationship is speculated to run into problems after Florinda posted a message on her Instagram, “Love = Money”. In order to salvage their relationship, Joel flew to London and tried to win Florinda’s heart again. The couple is later reportedly to have reconciled and Joel is also said to have proposed to Florinda.

Florinda: “I and Mr Chan are good friends.” 

Yesterday, Florinda shocked the world when she changed her Facebook status from, “In a relationship with Joel Chan” to “Single”. Her change of status has implied that she has broken off with Joel.

She also posted message on her Weibo, “I am really sad to see that my mum was grilled by reporters and Mr Chan was being smeared. I never see the need to clarify any false rumours. I and Mr Chan are good friends, be it in the past, now, or future. I hope that everyone can give my family and Mr Chan the privacy.”

Florinda has said it herself – addressing Joel as Mr Chan and stating that they are friends. Their relationship has officially come to an end.

Joel: “There is no problem between us.” 

On 3 May 2013, Joel checked in at the London Heathrow Airport to return to Hong Kong. A black chauffeur, believed to be arranged by Florinda, accompanied Joel to the airport.

When a reporter approached Joel and asked about his relationship status with Florinda, he said, “There is no problem between us.”

Asked if he had successfully mended their relationship, Joel said, “I will not discuss about relationship matters.”

He then reiterated, “We never have any relationship problems!”


Avoided discussing Florinda 

Yesterday at 5 pm, Joel arrived at the Hong Kong airport and was swarmed by a pool of reporters. Appearing to be calm, Joel posed and allowed the reporters to take pictures of him.

Asked if his reconciliation attempt has failed, Joel said, “I am not responding.”

When asked if he had owed massive card debts, Joel’s expression changed and said, “I will not respond to untrue rumours. (Did you owe any debts?) No!”

Earlier reports have also said that Joel had been paving his way to return to TVB. The 36-year-old said, “I have always been working, but it’s not related to the showbiz. We will talk about it later.”


Florinda draws a clear line 

Sources have said that unlike the earlier reports, Joel did not succeed in mending the relationship. Florinda has already suggested a breakup in England. In view of their 2 years relationship, Florinda initially intended to announce their breakup after Joel has settled well in England.

However, when she learnt that Joel had openly stated that there was no change to their relationship, she immediately updated her Facebook status and posted her Instagram message.

Joel’s dream of becoming Stanley Ho’s son-in-law is smashed. Besides losing the prestigious son-in-law status, Joel may need to take a long time to rebuild his acting career again.

Source: Oriental Daily,

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