Ivy Chen’s skinny dip photos were leaked


Yesterday, several bare back photos of Ivy Chen were leaked on the Internet. It turns out that the photos were just a scene from her latest film, Girls <閨蜜>.

In the film, Ivy plays a girl who has just fallen out of love, and vented her frustrations by going on a skinny dip in the sea.

Initially, a body double was arranged for Ivy. After learning that the filming would be done at a distance and her front profile would only be facing the sea, Ivy felt safer and decided to bare it all herself on the camera.

Before the filming commenced, Ivy’s agency requested for only a few female crew to be present and forbade any phototaking. When the photos were exposed, many netizens wondered if it was a publicity from the filmmaker.

Ivy’s manager said that they had made an agreement with the production company not to use the naked photos as a publicity and she confirmed that nobody took any photos during the filming. According to the production company, it was likely to be screenshots from the scene, as no photo-taking was allowed during the filming.

When the photos first surfaced, Ivy gave a cute response, “Why didn’t they edit the photos to make me look prettier?”



Source: Apple Daily 

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