Jackie Chan’s love child Etta once contemplated suicide


Jackie Chan’s ex-lover Elaine Ng has been in the headlines recently after being arrested for suspected child abuse. Her 15-year-old daughter, Etta Ng was the one who reported to the police after her mum’s drinking problem had escalated.

Etta had suicidal thoughts 

Etta confided to her teachers about her mum’s excessive drinking problem. She said that her mum is a heavy smoker and indulged in at least two bottles of alcohol nightly. Even after vomiting, Elaine would continue to drink and would cry when drunk. She had even locked herself in a toilet once, despite her daughter’s pleas to stop drinking. According to Etta, the mother and daughter had physical scuffles when Elaine became very emotional when drunk.

Etta also revealed to her teachers that she was ostracized by her peers in school. At home, she often “pretended to be happy” and did not wish to add to her mum’s problems. Unable to cope with the stress, Etta had once contemplated to commit suicide.

The teenager said that she had considered for a long time, before getting intervention from police. She hopes that her mum could get help on her drinking problem.

Elaine’s apologises to daughter

Elaine who is out on bail admitted during an interview that she drank to help her get to sleep. She also promised her daughter, “Mummy will take care of her health.”

Elaine is not able to contact her daughter till now. She said, “She dares not answer my call, and does not respond to my Watsapp messages. I admit I am in the wrong for not giving her any security. She is worried about my health and I am stressed at work. She knows I love her.”

Elaine also denies abusing her daughter. Lightly beating her interviewer’s arm, Elaine said, “That so called beating is like this. How hard can it be?”

Police also found a small amount of substance suspected to be drugs at Elaine’s house. The specimen has to be sent for further testing. Elaine has also denied possessing drugs.

Jackie Chan cuts off living allowance? 

Elaine, the winner of Ms Asia revealed her affair with Jackie Chan and announced she was pregnant in 1999. Rumours said that although Jackie was upset with Elaine for insisting to give birth to Etta, he had given her HK$30 million “breakup fee” and HK$100,000 living expenses per month. This was on an condition that Elaine had to take her daughter to reside in Shanghai.

When Elaine brought her daughter back to Hong Kong in 2011, Jackie was said to be furious and stopped their allowance.

Jackie has declined to comment on the case.

Source: HK Channel

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