Jacky Chan speaks for the first time on his love child: “She has been hurt”


For so many years, Hong Kong star Jackie Chan has not uttered a singe word on his love child with Elaine Ng, Etta Ng. Even when Etta was suspected to be abused by her mother, Jackie remained unmoved and did not render any assistance to her. Many have also criticised him for having an “iron heart”.

Perhaps in his 60s now, Jackie has opened up more about his private life.

Recently, Jackie launched his new book, Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older <成龍﹕還沒長大就老了> and shed light into his marriage, family, and his younger days. During a recent interview with Hong Kong media, Jackie spoke for the first time about his love child.

Earlier, reports said that Etta had been living an unhappy life. The 15-year-old teenager does not have much friends and only had a cat as her confidant. Through her paintings, they reflected her loneliness and anguish.

When asked if he really did not intend to leave a cent to Etta, Jackie said, “I believe she doesn’t need my inheritance. (Don’t you feel that she had been a victim all these years? She is innocent.) Yes, she has been hurt.”

Jackie also said, “Don’t you think that I am in a sorry state too? I have let both sides down.”

Asked if he would continue not to acknowledge Etta, Jackie lamented, “Some things are best not to talk about. Let nature takes its own course! If we happen to meet, so be it. I’m very easy-going. ”

Source: On.cc

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4 thoughts on “Jacky Chan speaks for the first time on his love child: “She has been hurt”

  1. I think it is always a part of their culture as a chinese thatt they don’t really prioritize their daughter because their son most be their priority especially when it comes to the fathers inheritance

  2. We have lost respect for J Chan. He never has been a hero, he’s only actor that gets a lot of attention, but choses to ignore his own baby that is hurting. Egotripper attention and seeker.
    Lots of hopes to ms. Ng’s.

  3. Real dads support their children even if he didn’t marry the mother.. its not the child’s fault they both didn’t take proper birth control methods.. I find Jackie to be a selfish person making his daughter suffer for his and her mother’s mistake.. Shame on you.. be a man support your daughter and give her the love she so needs or at least help her financially, pay for her college and help her with medical and food, clothing.. I use to love Jackie Chan as an actor but when I read this makes me puke that he would deny his daughter anything..

  4. hemalatha Palanisamy

    Hats off to our master because the time is arriving soon for our master to have his both son and daughter in his care,love and protection thank you GOD.

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