Jacqueline Wong apologises for cheating on Kenneth Ma

Andy Hui and TVB actress Jacqueline Wong’s scandal stirred up a storm after a video of them behaving intimately in a taxi surfaced.

In the 15 minutes video, Andy and Jacqueline were kissing and touching each other intimately in a taxi. Jacqueline was seen to be taking the initiative most of the times, kissing Andy and leaning closely to him at the back of a taxi.

After the scandal surface, Andy held a press conference yesterday and apologised for cheating on his wife, Sammi Cheng.

During the press conference, he broke down in tears and said, “I would like to say sorry to my family, Sammi and friends who love me. I know I did an unforgiveable mistake and I have reflected on myself. I am an ugly person!”

He also cited that he had drank too much that night.

“But I know that drinking is not an excuse to make this mistake. I’m very regretful, I’m so wrong, so disgusting, and so distant. I did reflect on myself and asked why couldn’t I control myself from making this mistake, and control my lust. I will stop work for now and learn all over on how to be a man.”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline has also finally issued a public statement on her social media to apologise for her actions.

She said, “Sorry, I am wrong! I did something very wrong and unforgivable. I am ashamed and guilty. I sincerely apologise to everyone who is hurt in this incident.”

“I can’t face myself, my family, Kenneth Ma, my friends, company and colleagues. I don’t dare to ask for forgiveness, but I hope everyone can give some space to all the people who have been implicated. I have reflected on myself seriously and will accept all consequences. Again, I am sorry, everyone.”

According to reports, Andy and Jacqueline have known each other for a while, and performed together in a duet at a charity gala show last year.

Meanwhile, reports said that Kenneth was planning to break up with Jacqueline. Sources said that friends had earlier warned Kenneth about Jacqueline, but he did not heed their advice.

Source: On.cc

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