Jam Hsiao reigns as highest earner among One Million Star contestants

201231993119797Despite only three appearances in One Million Star <超級星光大道> in 2007, Jam Hsiao’s unique voice and astounding charisma left a lasting impression and captured the hearts of many fans.

Jam Hsiao rose to fame when he entered into the One Million Star singing competition as a challenger to the contestants. If you are an avid fan of the singing competition, you may still remember his ”PK” session with Aska Yang.

The 25-year-old pop star collects NT$265 million of earnings last year. In his five years of music career, Jam has earned an astonishing sum of NT$700 million, making him the highest paid singer ”graduated” from the One Million Star.

As compared to first season winner, Yoga Lin who earned NT$300 million in his five years of singing career and Aska Yang who earned NT$140 million, Jam clearly outpaces his peers in his earning power.

Despite his hectic work schedule, Jam does not forget to do his bit of charity for the society. “I have seen a set of different people while doing charitable work and make friends of different ethics. This is the most fulfilling thing to me”

Asked if he did not have any relationships in his 5-year in showbiz, Jam replied, “How do you know that I am not in a relationship? Of course, I will tell you that I do not have. However, in reality, I really do not have and no one except myself will know”.

So, are you involved in an underground relationship?

“Of course, no,” exclaimed Jam.

2012 is a rewarding year for Jam. He held 30 concerts, 40 commercial performances and took in various endorsements, and needless to say, he collected a fat paycheck.

Hoping to transform into an international star someday, Jam said, “I hope to travel around the world. Hope that more people will learn about my music and like my music too”.

Source: appledaily.com.tw 

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