Jay Chou is officially a dad! Hannah Quinlivan has given birth!


Congratulations to Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan! The couple has welcomed their first baby!

Hannah’s agency first announced that the baby was born on 12 July, but later retracted the report, saying that Hannah is currently in the confinement centre.

According to sources, Hannah gave birth via Caesarean section on 10 July. Jay’s recording label, JVR Music has confirmed the news and confirmed that the couple’s first baby is a girl.

Earlier report cited that Jay is expecting a baby boy, after he revealed that the colour of his baby stroller was black. However, according to a source, all these information was just a smokescreen and the gender is actually a girl. 

Jay is elated about becoming a first-time father, and he also praises his daughter for her pretty looks. Since the birth news surfaced, Jay has been receiving endless calls from media and agencies. As the Taiwanese pop king is busy taking care of his baby, he has no time to answer the call and has been hanging up on calls instead.

On 30 June, Hannah also posted a baby photo on his Facebook, leading to speculations if it was their baby. It is understood that the baby in the photo is not the couple’s girl, but Hannah has said to her friends, “I hope that my baby will have such long eyelashes.”

Source: Apple Daily

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