Jay Chou is the latest judge at The Voice Of China


The Voice Of China has announced that Jay Chou will be the latest judge in its coming fourth season!

Since 2012, the reality talent show had been trying to get Jay on its judging panel. Jay had rejected the invitation back then as he was cautious and would consider again when he was more mature.

On why he has agreed to be the judge this time, Jay who was recently married said, “I have always followed closely to The Voice Of China. Many judges on the show are also my friends. Their outstanding performance also makes me confident in the show.”

The friends he were referring to are A-Mei and Harlem Yu. Jay is said to be particularly familiar with A-Mei and it was because of her that he agreed to do the show.

Jay, 36 will now be the youngest judge on the show. Previously, A-Mei and Yang Kun, both 42 are considered the youngest judges.

The show consists of a blind audition, a battle phase and live performance shows. In the blind audition, the four judges will choose their team of contestants and coach them throughout the singing competition.

On his mission as a judge cum coach, Jay said, “I hope to scout some potential newcomers and help them in their road to music.”

The show reportedly has also invited Jonathan Lee, Jacky Cheung and Wang Leehom to join the judging panel.

We are pretty show that Jay will be the most popular judge in the show, and many contestants will vie to be on his team!

Source: Apple Daily, Sina

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