Jay Chou only accepts success and not failure for ‘The Rooftop’


After his 2007’s Secret <不能说的秘密>, Jay Chou vows to wow his fans with another self-directed movie, The Rooftop <天台>.

Starring Jay, Li Xinai, Wang Xueqi, Eric Tsang, Alan Kuo, Kenny Bee, Fan Yu, etc., The Rooftop narrates the different lifestyles between the rich and poor. While the rich are obsessed with money and power, the poor people at the Rooftop are living a simple life of dance and music.

The retro movie is a combination of various themes like romance, dance, music, and Wushu. In order to achieve a perfect setting and an impeccable visuals, Jay spent about NT$300 million on the movie!

The Rooftop also has a golden production team behind which includes In the Mood for Love’s <花样年华> cinematographer, Mark Lee; Kill Bill’s Art Director, Akatsuka Yoshihito; Bodyguards and Assassins’ <十月围城> Image Director, Wu Lilu; The Host’s Action Choreographer, Gil-yeong Yang, etc.

Jay was also personally involved in different stages of the production, be it directing, acting, making of background music or even editing. Boasting that The Rooftop is by far his best movie, Jay exclaimed, “It will surpass the box office of all my previous movies!”

Jay has also set his eyes on the international market. “It is not just for the Asian market. Even foreigners will give it their thumbs up for the movie!”

The 34-year-old confessed that he had a strong “winning mentality” for The Rooftop and that he “will only accept success and not failure.”

“I care about such things. Sometimes when you say that you take it in your stride, you don’t actually mean it.”

“The movie reviews has to come in first. I am a director that needs encouragement. If this movie is good, then I will consider to film the next one.”

Watch The Rooftop trailer here 

Source: Sina 

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