Jay Chou unveils ‘Rooftop’ leading actress


While it was earlier rumoured that Jay Chou had hooked up with his co-star in his self-directed movie, Rooftop <天台>, fans are eager to check out his pick for his leading lady.

Yesterday, Jay finally unveiled Li Xin Ai (previously reported as Li Zhen) at a media conference for his new movie. Xin Ai was just like any ordinary girl until she was discovered by Rooftop producer, Will Liu who later turned her into a star. Will shared that the crew were all cracking their heads over the selection of the leading actress until he saw Xin Ai walking on a zebra crossing. Xin Ai has since then been nicknamed as ”Zebra Crossing Cinderella”.

Director and leading actor, Jay was initially worried as Xin Ai was afterall a newcomer.

“It was her first time acting and I was a little hesitant when Will recommended her. However, she is really perfect for the movie. It was just like a female character walking out from the novel and she was exactly what I wanted. I was really nervous that she could not perform her role when we first acted together, but I was very satisfied after watching her performance. She is the perfect person and we have not selected the wrong girl.”


Rooftop is a movie about youth, love and comedy; and takes place in a bustling city where there is a group of Rooftop people who are passionate about their lives despite living in poverty. The story evolves around Jay who grows up here and it is where his friendship and love begin. He eventually wins the beauty’s heart after displaying the joyous spirit of the Rooftop people.

Jay shared that the movie was about happiness and he hoped that the viewers can share his joy while watching the show.

Rooftop will be released on 11 July 2011. The movie has also been selected as the closing film for this year’s New York Asian Film Festival and will be released in cinemas at the North America.

Source: 21CN 

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