Jeannie Hsieh reveals her sad past: “My mother had to live under the same roof with my father’s mistress”

Jeannie Hsieh

Recently, Taiwanese singer Jeannie Hsieh revealed her sad past at her concert, and accused her father Chu Ke-liang of abusing her mother and forced her to accept his affair. At her concert, Jeannie even broke into tears, and announced that she would leave the showbiz temporarily in order to give her mother a peaceful life.

Jeannie and Chu Ke-liang reportedly have not met for 22 years. Last year, Jeannie wrote a letter to Chu Ke-liang, requesting to meet him privately, in order to consider her mother’s feelings. However, Chu Ke-liang declined and asked to meet in public instead. He said that he did not know what he had done wrong, and why he was given such a treatment.

Jeannie had earlier told her father not to attend her concert, but the 69-year-old TV host turned up and sent flowers to her, as he wanted to improve their ties. However, Chu Ke-liang left the concert early, and did not see Jeannie’s video at the end of her concert.

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In the video clip, Jeannie revealed that her mother had to put up with her father’s physical abuse in order to give her and her sister a complete family.

Jeannie said, “The most embarrassing thing for my mother in her life was to promise her husband to live under the same roof with his mistress, and agreed to share her husband. My mum’s world collapsed. Eventually, our family of three was abandoned.”

She also revealed that she did not see Chu Ke-liang until she got into a car accident at 17, in which he promised to make up for her and her sister. He said then that he wanted to re-marry and hoped for his two daughters to be his bridesmaids. However, the promise did not last.

Jeannie said that Chu Ke-liang had used her sister’s name to borrow money.

“One day, my sister was woken up by gunshots sound and she realised everyone in the house had fled, and she was left alone. Only my mother went to pick her up. From that day onwards, our lives only had courts, sunmons and creditors.”

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