Jelly Lin insists she is single but she is caught on a date with Feng Shaofeng!


Mermaid <美人鱼> star Jelly Lin’s relationship with Feng Shaofeng who is 18 years her senior, surfaced after being caught holding hands in a park. 

However, recently, the 20-year-old young star insisted that she was still single at an event in Shanghai.

When asked if her relationship had stabilised, Jelly replied, “I am single.”

However, on the same evening, she was seen celebrating her 20th birthday with Shaofeng.

According to Chinese reports, Shaofeng had specially flew to Shanghai and met up with Jelly at the hotel she was staying. The couple then took a taxi to a pier and boarded a yacht with a group of friends. Jelly was afraid that she was being recognised, and used her jacket to shield her face.

After they were on the yacht, Shaofeng took out a cake and celebrated Jelly’s birthday.


Source: Ettoday

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