Jerry Yan apologises to Ken Chu


F4 reunion at the Jiangsu Satellite TV’s lunar new year spring festival has brought much surprise and emotions. Jerry Yan and Ken Chu were known to be loggerheads with one another. However, Jerry surprised everyone when he apologised to Ken during the TV recording.

In the early days, Jerry and Ken reportedly were not on good terms. The duo was rumoured to have fight at the backstage after their concert. They reportedly could not even stand the sight of each other and had to request for separate makeup rooms. At the stage, the duo would also stand far away from each other during their performance.

Two years ago, Ken also wrote on his Weibo, “I am not as ‘Cheng Fu’ (城府) as Jerry!” The Chinese word ‘Cheng Fu’ has two meanings – shrewd or magnanimous. Jerry’s fans took offense at Ken’s words and resulted in heated exchanges between fans from both camps.

At the programme recording a few days ago, Jerry revealed emotionally that he and Ken were the best buddies when they filmed the Meteor Garden <流星花園> in 2001. Jerry said that he “was not sensible when young” and had owe an apology to Ken. All the F4 members embraced and stacked their hands together for a peacemaking session.

Jerry was too overwhelmed with the reconciliation with Ken that his eyes were teary. Vic came to his rescue and said, “He (Jerry) did not sleep well last night”.

114578963_21nIt was an emotional night for the fans as well. They sobbed during the F4 performance of their hit song, Meteor shower <流星雨>. F4 also assured their fans that they would try to stage their worldwide concert soon.

In addition, Vic was also being teased for not turning up at appointments frequently. The other three members poked fun at Vic and said that he often overslept and did not answer his calls. Jerry further complained that he watched Vic’s movie last year and even took a picture of him besides the movie poster which he later sent the photo to Vic. Jerry said, “Vic did not respond to me at all!”

Jiangsu TV’s lunar new year spring festival is scheduled to air during the Chinese New Year.


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  1. meteor garden3 pls!!pls!!pls!!!!!…the story is in need to be continued!!! right???? f4 and shancai forever…your unforgettable!!!

  2. the meteor garden was so unforgetable asian love story:) im 14 yrs. old even my father know that story…. and my neighbors know it…. i always watch meteor garden in CD’s and i have ‘5’ five copy cd’s…. i cant wait for the meteor garden part 3 :’) i wish that thier’s a part 3 :) i always pray that someday i can go to taiwan and see all the cast of meteor garden:)

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  8. I am a solid fan of f4 and barbie hsu. Hope their will be a part 3. Since in MG2, daoming Si’s parents did n0t accepted sanchai yet. Please continue the story.

  9. hope to see f4 and barbie hsu again.. is there a chance to see them again in a tv series like meteor garden.. I am an avid fan of them more blessings in their careers.. and have a peaceful lives..

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