Jerry Yan desires to get married


During his promotion of his latest film Lupin III in Japan recently, Jerry Yan shockingly disclosed, “I’m getting married!”

It turns out that Jerry is just expressing his desire to start a family. The 37-year-old Taiwanese star shared that he did have the desire to get married after seeing his good friends getting married and having their children.

Jerry also shared that he had met Barbie Hsu, who had just given birth in April. Jerry also jokes about her co-star in Meteor Garden <流星花園>, and said, “Barbie’s daughter is so cute. Why do I feel that she looks so much like me?”

Jerry also joked to Wang Xiaofei, Barbie’s husband, “You snatched my girlfriend. Do you know I am Dao Ming Si!”

Jerry, who attended Vanness Wu’s wedding early this year, sang praises of his group mate for being so meticulous in the wedding planning. Jerry is also envious of Leehom Wang who also got married last year. Sharing a table with Leehom and his wife at Vanness’ wedding, Jerry envies Leehom for finding a “girl who takes good care of him”.

Jerry also hopes that his future other half will be someone who takes good care of him as well.

Jerry held a meet-the-fans session in Tokyo recently. Almost 3,000 fans of different ages turn up to catch a glimpse of him. Among the fans are young girls, housewives, and even a 70-year-old granny. Jerry also went down the stage to hug the 70-year-old granny who was in a wheelchair.

Moved by his fans’ support all these years, Jerry also has some words for them, “Whenever I am feeling down and lonely, I will think about my fans’ expressions. This will give me a positive energy.”

Source: Apple Daily, UDN 

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26 thoughts on “Jerry Yan desires to get married


  2. omg!!! mr. jerry yan!!! you and your co stars in meteor garden brought the asian drama fever here in the philippines… your works were replayed several times and still got the most watched time slot!!! your’e a LEGEND.. i was like in elementary days when your show was aired and right there and then i followed everything about you… i know your wish will be granted and hope that the LUCKY lady would care and love you forever.. prove to everyone that FOREVER is real and existing:) God bless Mr. Jerry Yan!!! Love you!!!:)

  3. My prayer, someday I can meet Dao Ming Si in person! and I have faith that I will do meet him. 😉
    also, I was devastated knowing that Jerry and Ella’s wedding didn’t exist. I think they are perfect for each other. 🙁 Jesus love u Jerry yan and Ella Chen.

  4. Hi Sir Jerry yan, you’re so adorable something in you really boosted up dont know what was that but you are such a good man. GOd bless you

  5. Hi.. Yan cheng Xu.. You know i am so much fanatic of your show meteorgarden. Ive felt Happy to saw you and co cast..First time in life that i am felt “KILIG” so much to saw F4 and shancai throwback last 2001. i have so much remembrance of F4 like t-shirt’ CD’ Posters ‘ stationery ‘ Pictures and songs’ In how many years ; my collection are still keep it until now . I love meteor garden.. wo ai ni Yan cheng xu <3<3<3 .Xiexie Thank you

  6. i was able to watch a video on Youtube last night entitled Jerry Yan’s wedding.. i felt heartbroken upon watching the video only to find out that it was just a clip of his TV series with Ella Chen.. gosh.. he is really my idol ever since Meteor Garden aired last 2003 here in the Philippines.. and forever he’ll be my crush and the ultimate heartthrob of my life..

  7. I’ll really love him so much the way he act and his gestures .ever since in meteor Garden 😉 I pray for him specially hes good health and also he’s journey not also as an actor but as a people who will never forget the Lord our Jesus Crist, ;))
    God bless you Jerry yan 😉

  8. anna marie cortez

    hi jerry… it has always been you..thee one i love for so many years.. I had the chance to see u in person and im so gratefull that once in my life i had the chance to see u in person.. love you so much..hoping and dreaming that one day u will love me back the way i love you..

  9. hi Jerry….I’m also your number one fan….I wish you find your love one and partner of your life until you old…..your s kindhearted man…….hope you comeback to Philippines….we always pray your success and happiness….ngo Ai ni

  10. We are meant to be… that’s why you are still SINGLE…
    I’m willing to take good care of YOU and OUR FUTURE CHILDREN…
    and build a HAPPY FAMILY TOGETHER.
    Hoping to see you in the Philippines

  11. Hi Jerry Yan! am your avid fan way back on your F4 fever in the Phils. You rekindle again my admirations with you being an outstanding actor. And in your personal level, i wish and pray for your continued success and you may find the right partner that will truly love and serve you as a devout wife. God bless you.

  12. That’s normal, though. Every single man over 30 SHOULD want to settle down and start a family. And at 37 he probably wants it bad. And being a celebrity kinda shrinks the dating pool a little bit so, yeah….. sucks for him.

  13. ….This is the first time im doin this! making comment but i cant help it i find the topic so interesting cause jerry yan is not getting any younger…oh boy its time for you to settle down .DONT WASTE YOUR GOOD GENES…spread it and produce little “Jerry yan…..

  14. Jerry Yan i hope you find your happiness too.. many people loves you dearly
    and appreciates your good talent a lot. I hope I will find my own Dao Ming Si.. Always take
    good care.

  15. I hope that you will have a little bit of time to read this comment, that I just wrote for you. Wish you the best always. Your fan from far… far…. away. 🙂 …

  16. Hi Jerry ! How are you? I’m just one of your fan that admire you from a far, far away, even though you don’t even know who I am, or I’m even exist. But anyway I was reading about this article that you want to settle down and get married, it is true? If this true then I’m happy for you. Do you believe in fade or true love? If you do then is will come to you naturally. I wish you will meet your soul mate or your other half one day soon. I when that time come you will be surprised that is come so quickly. Good luck, and best wishes for you always.

  17. I think that it is the right time for you, Jerry to have a family of your own, you are of age and stable enough to get married. I just hope and pray that you find the right lady for you, a good woman who deserves you because you are a good person inside out, someone who will take great care of you, understand your status in society and someone who will love you through thick and thin.

  18. he is stable enough to marry fans will be happy to see you having a goog wife to take care of you we have watch all of your movies and my family are avid fans yours of you. select a woman that can understand and care for you we are looking forward in seeing a little dao ming

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