Jerry Yan’s new drama revives fans’ memories of “Dao Ming Si”


Taiwanese idol drama, Meteor Garden <流行花園> was very popular around the region when it was aired in 2001. The stubborn and hot-headed leader of F4, Dao Ming Si which is played by Jerry Yan has left a deep impression on fans even till today.

Recently, Jerry is filming a new Chinese drama My Best Ex-boyfriend <最佳前男友> and publicity photos of the drama are released.

In the drama, Jerry plays a domineering CEO who tries all sorts of ways to win back his ex-girlfriend, who is played by Chinese actress, Jiang Shuying. His image bears slight resemblance to Dao Ming Si, and fans even exclaim, “Dao Ming Si is back!”

One fan said, “It’s an upgrade version of Dao Ming Si!”


Although the image is similar to Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden, Jerry reveals that their personalities are quite different.

Jerry has always looked cool be it onscreen or off-screen, and the public finds it hard to understand him. He said, “I am not a person who can express myself well. I always hide my feelings inside my heart, so many people think that I am very cold. Actually, I will care about the other person.”

Jiang Shuying who is starring opposite Jerry praises him a “warm man”.  She said, “He is not fierce at all, and is very friendly. He is very serious at work.”



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  1. If this is a resemblance of Asi why not having a Meteor Garden 3… Since all his fans have been waiting to have. 3rd story .. Asi & Shancai has great impact to their fans.

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