JJ Lin and Show Luo to be Jimmy Lin’s groomsmen


Jimmy Lin recently announced that he would hold a wedding banquet for his wife by this year. At a recent event at Shanghai, the Taiwanese singer was secretive about his wedding date and venue but disclosed his group of groomsmen.

Jimmy said, “I have already approached Show Luo, JJ Lin and Wallace Chung, but it depends on their schedule. I am just worried that it may clash with their shows. I will have to check again before confirming.”

Besides his handsome groomsmen, Jimmy’s son will also be his page boy at the wedding banquet.

Jimmy also took the chance to defend his wife, Kelly Chen who was reported to be his fan and courted him aggressively, which led to his fans’ disapproving their marriage.

Jimmy clarified the reports, “We both like each other. I am the one who courted her first.”

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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  1. I ‘m one of Jimmy’s fan for years. I also agree with his statement that he just did what is important thing in someone’s life,build a family with his love one. I will support him and Kelly. She deserves to be a happy bride 🙂

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