JJ Lin considers matchmaking to seek love


JJ and his mum

Yesterday, JJ Lin held a media conference for his new album, Stories Untold. Entering into the showbiz for ten years, JJ expressed his gratitude to his mother on stage. Little did JJ expect that his recording company had invited his mother from Singapore to Taiwan.

The Singaporean singer-songwriter was overwhelmed with emotions when he saw his mother. The usual bubbly JJ was so touched that he shed a few tears. As JJ was very mischievous and lazy in his childhood days, his mother was particularly strict with him.

JJ recalled, “I was very lazy learning piano when I was young. There was once I secretly threw away her rattan and I never expected that she would use a lantern grip to hit me instead. My hand still has the scar!”

Despite caning from his mother in his younger days, JJ stressed that she would never hit him without a reason. “She would first give me five seconds to admit my mistake. This form of discipline is quite good”.

Asked if his mother had urged him to get married, the 31-year-old replied no. “I will let nature take its own course,” said JJ.

The single JJ expressed his openness to seek a partner through a matchmaking session. He disclosed that an old friend had met his fiancée through a matchmaking website and it prompted him to consider the option.

“I will just depend on friends’ introduction and adopt a relaxing mindset to meet more friends,” said JJ.

Source: Now News

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