JJ Lin on his love declaration: “I have never been that scared in my life”


During his Taipei concert recently, JJ Lin finally plucked his courage to express his love for his goddess, Hebe Tien. When he recounted his love declaration for her, JJ said, “I was being forced by Jolin and I knew that Hebe will not reject it.”

While on the stage, Jolin Tsai exposed that many songs by JJ was written specifically for Hebe. She also played a matchmaker and urged Hebe to consider accepting his friendship.

After Jolin went down the stage, JJ was shouted by his friends at the VIP seating area to go over. His friends then pulled him over to Hebe.

“Hebe was seated there and I thought that I might as well pass her the soy milk, otherwise it would be strange to give it to someone else. I just went along with my feelings and did not think much. She had an empty seat next to her which belonged to Jolin. Since Jolin was still at the backstage, I might as well sit on it. Haha.”

Besides seated next to his dream girl, JJ was also able to hug Hebe and even serenaded her with a ballad, Little Dimple <小酒窝>.

When asked what prompted him to profess his love that day, JJ said that it was because of Hebe’s statement during a celebratory event after a S.H.E’s concert. During the event, Hebe was asked if she felt lonely since Ella and Selina’s husbands turned up to support them. Hebe’s immediate respond was, “Not at all. JJ Lin is here too!”

Was it a hint from Hebe that made JJ plucked up his courage?

“To be honest, I had so much courage [to profess my love] after hearing her words. If not, I will never do it,” said JJ.

Recalling his feelings that day, JJ said, “Actually, I was very embarrassed and shy because I have never done such a thing before. I have never been so scared in my entire life!”

Recap JJ’s love declaration to Hebe 

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