Joel Chan is attached again after breaking up with heiress Florinda Ho


TVB actor Joel Chan and Florinda Ho, daughter of Macau’s casino king Stanley Ho broke up in 2013. Recently, there were rumours circulating that Florinda had been trying to patch back with Joel, but Joel did not agree to it.

Today, Hong Kong media reported that Joel has a new girlfriend, Apple and they have been dating for 2 years.

The reports initially said that the 30-year-old Apple was a businesswoman, but it turns out that she is a beauty practitioner. She was also said to have a demure personality, and totally fits Joel’s “low-profile” criteria.

In an earlier interview, Joel said that he hoped his next girlfriend would be his marriage partner. Hence, reports also said that he had taken his girlfriend to meet his friends, and confirmed her “marriage partner status”.

Joel’s sister-in-law Sophie Lee revealed that the family had met Apple before and praised her pure and gentle personality. Joel has also become more positive after dating her.

When asked about his new relationship, Joel did not deny and said, “Thank you everyone for your concern. I believe our new drama, Blue Veins <殭> will be even more exciting than my love life. I hope to be low-profile in my personal matters and I want to protect my family and friends.”


Source: Apple Daily,

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