Joel Chan offered a million dollar to strip for a film


After breaking up with heiress Florinda Ho, the public is keen about the career movement of Joel Chan.

The former TVB actor apparently offended the TV station when he always took vacations with Florinda, which affected the filming schedule. While there were reports that Joel has secretly paved his acting career, TVB executives have said that there were no talks with Joel about his return.

Recently, a film producer Stephen Siu is willing to offer a million HKD for Joel to cast in an erotic film!

Category III, Due West: Our Sex Journey <一路向西> was a hit at box office last year. The film producer has plans to roll out a sequel and extended an invitation openly to Joel.

Mr Siu said, “I feel that this man has guts! Not everyone has the nerve to court Florinda. Even if they have broken up, I admire his courage. He does not have any inferior complex and he deserves our support!”

However, the producer added that his million dollar offer is not that easy afterall.

“I think he has the quality and I am willing to offer a million dollars, but it is not as simple as just baring his butt!”

Source: Sina

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