Joel Chan proposes to Florinda Ho upon patching up


Joel Chan has allegedly patched things back with Florinda Ho and took the chance to propose to her.

The couple’s relationship was speculated to be estranged after Florinda posted a message on her micro-blog, “Love=Money”. The couple is said to have fallen out over their joint fashion business and Florinda allegedly was furious about Joel’s massive debts.

A mutual friend has informed Joel that Florinda had a food poisoning while vacationing and he immediately flew over to London. To woo back his girlfriend, Joel who was said to be in financial difficulty had to borrow money from friends to pay for his travelling expenses to London. After days of his attentive care, Florinda’s heart has softened and finally forgiven Joel.

Upon reconciliation, Joel reportedly proposed to Florinda and asked for a chance to take care of her for life. Florinda was moved and called her mother Ina Chan, the third wife of Stanley Ho to discuss. However, little did she expect that her mother was strongly against their marriage, and Florinda had no choice but to shelve the wedding aside.

Allegedly, Florinda’s mother has reservations about Joel, but chose not to object since her daughter is madly in love with him and besides, Stanley Ho has no objections too. Since she has learnt that Florinda has invested in Joel’s fashion business, and that she has spent a lot of money on him, she gave Florinda’s support to end the relationship. However, she did not expect that the couple would reconcile that quickly.

Upon hearing about the couple’s reconciliation, Florinda’s mother has been calling her repeatedly and urging her to return home. Still in a loving relationship with Joel currently, Florinda reportedly has turned a deaf ear to her mother’s requests and even chose to ignore her calls. It was when she realised that her mother was extremely angry that she agreed to head home next week.

Reports said that this was not the first time in which Joel had proposed to Florinda. In their two years relationship, the ex-TVB actor has been proposing numerous times to Florinda, but was rejected as the latter felt that she needed more time to understand each other.

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