Joel Chan returns to TVB with pay cut

677AFADAC4024883952F93C9ECEA4014Joel Chan and Florinda Ho ended their relationship in May this time.

Ever since his dream of becoming the son-in-law of casino king, Stanley Ho was dashed, Joel has lost his love, career, money and reputation. While dating the rich heiress, Joel has offended many TVB producers by going on many vacations with her and affected the crew’s filming schedule.

After his breakup with Florinda, TVB Production and Resource Director, Ms Virginia Lok requested the producers to call Joel back to the station. Joel was given a villain role in The Good and The Bad <忠奸人>, but he rejected the role right away. His rejection reportedly infuriated Ms Lok.

Knowing that he had offended Ms Lok, Joel allegedly begged Ms Catherine Tsang, Drama Production Director for his return to TVB. Joel’s salary reportedly will be cut and he will be arranged to first appear in the Super Trio Series <獎門人> as a guest.

Both the TVB executives have confirmed Joel’s return. Ms Tsang said, “Every artiste with good acting skill  is welcomed to return. There is a new drama for him.”

Asked if his appearance at the Super Trio Series was to test the viewers’ responses, Ms Tsang said, “No, it’s not to ‘test the water’. There are suitable roles for him and a few producers have requested for him. (His salary is cut?) Trust me, there is no such thing. He has signed a new contract.”

Ms Lok also denied that Joel’s salary was cut. She said, “No, he signed a new contract last month. His salary will be increased according to the market.”

Will TVB ask him to stop dating?

“We will not do such thing. He is preparing for his return and has been exercising. Many producers are looking for him!”

Source: HK Channel, Ming Pao 

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