Joel Chan says sorry to ex-wife


Joel Chan suffers a plunge in reputation when the media reported that he divorced his wife, Ponny Yeung for casino king, Stanley Ho’s daughter, Florinda Ho. The public was quick to label him as a gold digger who divorced his wife of ten years for a younger and richer woman.

After breaking up with Florinda, Joel has been constantly receiving all sorts of criticisms and mockery from the public. Joel said tearfully, “I am not afraid of how others see me, but my family is worried every time they heard from other people. After reading the papers, my dad will ask me, ‘Why did they have to write this way about you?’ I did not know how to reply him. I only told him not to read the papers.”

Joel wiped off his tears and continued, “Your son did not handle certain things well and affected the whole incident. I felt helpless when I fell down. It’s not something that anyone can help me. My family is the most important.”

When asked if he still kept in touch with his ex-girlfriend, Florinda, Joel shook his head and replied, “No.” He said that this breakup is the most significant thing in his life.

Earlier, tabloids reported that Joel had accumulated massive credit card debts and owed his ex-wife alimony. He denied the report and stressed that he had his savings.

“I will not prove to you by showing you my savings book. My family and friends know me well,” said Joel.

He also emphasized that during dating, he had never used a single cent from Florinda. Joel also said that he had been paying alimony regularly to his ex-wife.

When speaking about his ex-wife Ponny, Joel was filled with remorse and guilt. “I am still paying her [the alimony] and has never owed her. This is because she is someone whom I have let down. I have to bear this responsibility.”

Joel does not harbour hope that his wife will forgive him. He said, “It’s hard to speak about such thing. We will take it slowly. It’s difficult to resume as friends instantly.”

Returning to TVB to pick up his acting career, Joel is ready to move on and starts afresh.

“I will gradually leave everything behind.”

Source: HK Channel 

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