Joel Chan scares advertiser off with 7 figure fee


After breaking up with heiress Florinda Ho, Joel Chan was being invited to be a spokesperson for a beauty and slimming company, Regen Medical Group.

Reports said that Joel was very keen on the endorsement and even discussed about his image in the commercial.

The deal was nearly sealed, but Joel suddenly went missing for two weeks and did not even follow up with advertiser. The period which he went missing coincided with Florinda’s return, leading speculations if he was desperate salvaging his relationship with ex-girlfriend.

As Florinda was spotted with a new love interest lately, it appeared that Joel had made a fruitless attempt.

When he contacted the beauty company again, he reportedly asked for an exorbitant seven figure remuneration, which needless to say, scared off the advertiser. As he went missing and uncontactable for a while, the advertiser reportedly dared not use him again and decided to change a spokesperson.

When a reporter called the beauty company, a representative said, “We did discuss with Joel, but there was some detail which was not ironed out and hence the collaboration was called off.”

The representative declined to comment on the fee which Joel quoted but said that there was a “communication problem”.

While a film producer earlier wished to offer him a million HK dollars to star in an erotic movie, Due West: Our Sex Journey <一路向西2之泰西>, the project is also shelf aside.

Meanwhile, Joel has not indicated his interest to return to his former TV station. However, TVB producer  Lee Tim Sing showed his support to Joel.

“Everyone has his ups and downs. A young man will need a job somehow. I will ask him back for filming if I have any suitable roles for him. I won’t laugh at him, nobody at TVB will dare to laugh at him. It’s not a big deal about falling out of love. Joel should do what he is good at, and that is acting.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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