Jolin Tsai criticised for exposing underwear


Jolin Tsai never fails to dazzle the stage with her sexy outfits and her spicy performance.

At her Guangxi concert on 23 March 2013, Jolin wore revealing costumes that exposed her cleavage and her slender legs.

Although the fans were enjoying her performance, the Chinese media have criticised her daring performance.

The pop diva was said to have exposed her underwear while performing the gymnastic dance. The Chinese media called her exposure “unsightly and indecent”.

Jolin’s manager immediately clarified that she was wearing safety shorts. As Jolin had big dance steps, she had worn two pairs of safety shorts inside her costume.

“She did not reveal her underwear and there was no indecent exposure at all,” said Jolin’s manager.


Source: Ettoday

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3 thoughts on “Jolin Tsai criticised for exposing underwear

  1. Everyone got underwear, what is there to flaunt about…keep what’s private – private no matter what century. So tired of singer and actress overselling sexuality.

  2. If you’ve got it why not flaunt it… Nothing was shown and she is a beautiful girl so enter the 21st Century and don’t be so old fashioned. It’s about time the Chinese accepted this

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