Joyce Tang spills the beans on Marco Ngai for seeking reconciliation


37-year-old Joyce Tang is preparing for her wedding with Canon executive, Matthew Chu after the latter successfully proposed to her. However, her ex-boyfriend Marco Ngai recently unveiled his bitterness at the public for putting the blame on him about breaking up with Joyce. Joyce responded angrily and even disclosed that Marco had tried to reconcile with her even after his marriage.

The ex-couple met on the set of Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐>  in 1998 and dated for nine years before calling it quits on 2007. Shortly after, Marco dated the then-19-year-old Zhang Lihua, a Chinese student who is 20 years younger than him and tied the knot in 2008. The couple has a daughter currently.

In 2010, a netizen incurred the wrath of Marco when he commented that Marco was “most perfect with Joyce”. Marco responded angrily and said, “It’s best that such person leaves the world early, otherwise, he will regret for life!” Marco later clarified that his Weibo was hacked illegally and resulted in his strong reaction.

At a Chinese variety programme Battle of the Sexes <男左女右> recently, Marco spoke about the harsh criticisms on him when he refused to wed Joyce after dating for nine years. He then cited a divorce report stating that the divorce rates are lower for those marry within three years of dating and the divorce rates are as high as 30-40% for those marry after seven to eight years of dating.

Two nights ago, Joyce shared a comment by a netizen about Marco’s statement in the show, who had criticized Marco’s comments in the show. She sarcastically pointed that it was a hacker’s comment.

“Is it posted by a hacker again? It must be very happy after marriage and having a kid. Why were reconciliation messages sent over and over again and yet talking about the exact opposite!”

Joyce wrote further, “Luckily, I did not fall into the trip and rejected it. The cleverest thing I did is to retain all the text messages.”

Responding to Joyce’s statement, Marco said, “That was ages ago!”

Asked when was the last time he texted Joyce, Marco said, “Probably it was three years ago. My daughter was not born yet. I have already moved on now.”

Lastly, Marco also sent his blessings to Joyce who is getting married soon.

“I wish her the best in seeking her happiness,” said Marco.

Source: Apple Daily, the-sun

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