Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao’s love declaration?

The romance of 33-year-old Elva Hsiao (萧亚轩) and 21-year-old Kai Ko (柯震东) has been under the scrutiny of many fans.

Despite their 12-year age gap, Kai professed publicly to Elva in his Weibo on 9th September, “Many issues arise because of many reasons! Many implications occur because of complicated reasons! Because of these factors, many words cannot be say and many things cannot be done. I will let myself grow stronger and greater! I will be my true self! Please wait for me everyone!”

The next day, Elva also replied Kai’s love declaration and described their relationship as a beautiful song. She wrote in her Weibo, “We r like music. Some low notes, But always a Beautiful song, Always.”

Last year, Elva reportedly received an extravaggant wedding proposal by Malaysian tycoon, Liu Dezu (刘德祖) in Dubai. In a circulated video, the businessman reportedly wooed Elva with a romantic candle light dinner and two men also parachuted to present the Chopard jewellery to her.

After returning from Bali together, Elva and Kai were tight lipped about the circulated video. When asked why she did not accept Liu Dezu, Elva replied, “I choose true love. True love is priceless.”

Asked if she had accepted Kai as her boyfriend instead, Elva avoided the question, “Next question please.”

Although Kai emphasised that he was only good friends with Elva, he also stated that their relationship was in a fuzzy stage now, and was unsure of the future outcome.

Source: ent.sina.com


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