Kai Ko is rumoured in drug arrest

 Kai Ko

Rumours are spreading like wildfire that Taiwanese star, Kai Ko is arrested for drug possession in China.

The rumour first sparked off after a Chinese netizen claimed on her Weibo on 17 August that Kai was arrested for drug use. The netizen said, “Kai Ko was arrested for drug abuse and my dad interrogated him. Stay tune for the news.”

The netizen’s statement sparked off a wave of heated discussions on the web as many questioned over the authenticity of the news. The netizen retorted and said, “Why do I have to lie to you all?”

However, shortly after, the netizen deleted her post from the Weibo.

According to media report, Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan who is good friend with Kai was also taken back to the police station together with Kai.

The rumours cannot be verified as both Kai and Jaycee are uncontactable. Kai’s manager said that she had heard the drug rumours and said, “We are still looking for him.”

Even Kai’s family are not able to reach him. Coincidentally, Kai has not been updating his Weibo since 12 August 2014.

His fans have showed their support to Kai and urged him to come forward to clarify the issue.

Source: Apple Daily, Ettoday 

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