Kai Ko shoots down rumours angrily that he was a guest at Seungri’s wild birthday party

Big Bang’s Seungri was recently questioned by the police over allegations of drug use and prostitution at the nightclub he operated, Burning Sun.

The 28-year-old appeared at a police station 2 days ago, and was questioned by the police for more than 8 hours. He reportedly also took a drug test.

Korean media also reported that at his 2017 birthday party in the Philippines Amanpulo Resort, he requested to “bring good quality girls and he would pay for all the bills.”

The birthday party was said to have invited 150 guests, and Burning Sun’s president Lee Mun Ho was among the guests.

Other VIP guests’ included a Taiwanese “Mdm Lin”, a Taiwanese “K” actor who once took drugs, and a Singaporean actor “F”.

According to reports, a Miss C who was present at the birthday party said, ‘The set up was perfect. I heard people sniffing drugs and played very wildly at the party.”

The guests’ list was also said to be divided into VIPs and normal guests. VIP guests included investors and celebrities who took the business class flights, whereas the normal guests included “girls” who took the economy flights.

A hotel staff revealed, “Seungri oppa wanted me to bring good quality girls, and he would pay for all the bills.”

The group of “girls” was said to be from hotel and modelling industry. One group of nine girls was also said to be Taiwanese models.

The VIP guests lists led to speculations after the reports surfaced. Kai Ko was speculated to be “K” actor as he was arrested in China for drug use in 2014.

Coincidentally, Taiwanese media reported that Kai posted a turtle photo on his Instagram in December 9, 2017, and the Philippines Amanpulo Resort offered turtle spotting.

Kai’s agency has since dismissed the reports angrily, “We can’t respond on others’ rumours, but it is not true that the media linked drug activities with the artiste. Please do not speculate and do unrelated associations. We will not hesitate to sue if there is any associations.”

Source: Apple Daily

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