Karen Mok to release album globally in iTunes


Karen Mok will release her Jazz album Somewhere I Belong globally on 14 January 2013 through iTunes. Karen is the first Chinese singer to release her album globally on the same day via iTunes!

Due to her busy schedule, Karen had to jet off six cities including Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing in just three days. She has not been seeing her German husband, Johannes since Christmas last year. Speaking about their separation, Karen said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder!”

For the new album cover, Karen is sexily dressed in a black lacy tulle and exudes an aura of sultriness.

On the releasing of her new album through iTunes, Karen exclaimed, “Although I am not able to promote the album worldwide, but my fans can all listen to my songs through iTunes. This is so amazing!”



Source: appledaily.com.tw 

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