Kay Tse in tears at farewell concert


Hong Kong Cantopop singer, Kay Tse held two farewell concerts recently.

Ten years of singing career, Kay could not bear to bid farewell to the stage, and broke down in tears at her concerts.

At the last concert, Kay invited her idol, Andy Lau to perform with her on the stage. When she sang the last song, she could not control her tears.

She said on stage, “I want to thank someone. She is very timid and she is not a confident person. She doesn’t know how to socialise and so, she doesn’t have many friends. However, she made a big decision 10 years ago, and made me have the courage to chase after my dreams, and to do the things that I want to do. This person is me who was 10 years ago.”

After the concert, Kay was asked why she did not thank her husband, Louis Cheung. Kay said, “I have left my job to return home. He should thank me instead! This decision did not come easy, and I have to make sacrifices, but I have to thank him. He is the one allowing me to decide if I can work or don’t work. He is very important.”




Source: Ming Pao

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