Kelly Fu implied romance with Ron Ng


After breaking up with mainland actress Viann Zhang, Ron Ng has a new love in his life!

Ron courted Kelly aggressively 

Face magazine reported that Ron had successfully courted his Triumph In The Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II> co-star , Kelly Fu and the couple has been dating for two months. Ron reportedly courted the model-actress aggressively and showered her with desserts everyday.

An insider disclosed, “Ron knew that Kelly loved eating desserts. Hence, he would call for dessert delivery every night and saved a bowl for her. There would be different desserts for her every night.”

Ron reportedly was very attentive to Kelly which was her first time filming a drama. He was spotted taking a tissue paper to wipe off Kelly’s sweat during the filming.

However, since the couple started dating, Ron has deliberately kept a distance from Kelly in front of others. “Ron is very secretive. He won’t even follow Kelly on her Weibo. When he saw a reporter around, he would pretend that he was not close to Kelly and hung around with Myolie Wu and Toby Leung instead,” said the insider.

As their relationship has just blossomed, Ron is extremely cautious about sparking romantic rumours with his co-star. While filming a drama with Elanne Kong in Shenzhen, Ron intentionally maintained a distance with her for fear that any rumours would upset his new girlfriend.

To spend more time with her boyfriend, Kelly has moved out from her parents’ place and currently resided alone at Tai Hang district, Hong Kong. Filming most of the time in China now, Ron reportedly will spend his time at Kelly’s apartment when he is back in Hong Kong.


Ron sent birthday video to Kelly 

When a reporter called Kelly a few days ago on her rumours with Ron, she giggled and replied, “You should ask him (Ron) instead.”

Asked if they had been dating for two months, the 28-year-old replied, “We are very good friends. When it was my birthday not long ago, he even sent a video greeting to me and said that he would have a birthday meal with me.”

Did he treat you to desserts everyday?

“He treated everyone. He is a gentleman and would ask me which desserts I like.”

Kelly gave clues about relationship with Ron

Today, Kelly became an interrogation target of the media while attending an event. Perhaps due to love, Kelly glowed with radiance and smiled sweetly throughout the event.

As Kelly shared that she is on a diet plan, will she ask Ron to stop sending any desserts to her? She smiled and replied, “But I like to eat desserts. (The two of you are so sweet!) He… He… would treat the filming cast. He is very generous and sweet.”

Asked if they were dating, Kelly said, “We are very very very very good friends. Wait till he admits that he is courting me first.”


Kelly said that dating was all about feelings. When a reporter deliberately asked if she had ever dated Ron on a karaoke session, Kelly shot her mouth off and said, “I love to sing K!” (Sing K is Ron’s nickname given by the tabloids)

Relating to romance of Raymond Lam and Karena Ng, Kelly was envious of the loving couple. She said, “Every girl wishes to have a sweet romance. I hope that I can be like them too.”

Source: Face Magazine Vol. 311, ihktv 

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