Ken Chu’s wedding proposal video released: “I hope you will not despise me”


Ken Chu released his wedding proposal video on his official Weibo on Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day on August 9.

Besides showing his wedding proposal process, he also expressed his love for his wife, Han Wen Wen.

In the clip, Ken recalled that on the second time he met Wen Wen, he saw her eyes full of smile, and suddenly felt, “It should be her in this lifetime. I will not find another one.”

Ken also said that he was a person who was not easy to get along. However, his world becomes more cheerful and simple after meeting Wen Wen. He also believes that they are “meant to be together”.

On Wen Wen’s birthday party in April, Ken proposed to her in front of relatives and friends and sang her a ballad, Never let you be alone again <不再讓你孤單>. He then expressed his love to Wen Wen in tears.


“I am very grateful to you for sticking by my side all these while, and help me to walk through the difficult times. I thank you, but it can’t be described in words.”

Ken took out a bouquet of roses with his knee down and said tearfully, “Please marry me. I will not let you suffer in future. Whatever I eat, you will eat the same thing. Whatever I wear, will be what you wear too. I hope you will not despise me because that’s all I can give you, but I promise you that I will not let anyone bully up.”

Wen Wen immediately broke into tears after hearing Ken’s words. She went over to him, wiped off his tears and gave him a kiss.

The couple was spotted registering for marriage in Taipei in June. They will also hold their romantic beach wedding in September. Hopefully the other F4 members will reunite at Ken’s wedding.



Watch Ken Chu’s marriage proposal video 

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