Kevin Cheng’s ‘Ip Man’ receives positive reviews


Since airing in various China and international channels, Kevin Cheng’s Ip Man <叶问> series has been garnering positive reviews and good ratings. Starting from 1 August 2013, Ip Man will also be broadcasted at the four major satellite channels in Guizhou, Henan, Sichuan and Xinjiang and has already started another wave of Ip man craze.

Ip Man chronicles the life of the legendary martial artist, Ip man and portrays the various encounters and difficulties he faced in his life. Unlike the movie versions, the drama version will show a more emotional Ip Man and portrays his vulnerability on his road to become a great martial artist. Besides the spectacular fighting scenes, the drama will also feature romance, family and friendship ties.

Kevin, who has no martial arts background has suffered many injuries during the filming. He even joked, “The wounds are all my wrinkles.”

To present a realistic effects on the TV, Kevin has diligently practised Wing Chun after his filming. He also expressed that this character was his most exhausting role and hoped that the audience will like his rendition of Ip Man. Besides a heroic figure, Kevin also portrayed a more lively Ip Man.

When asked if he was worried that he would be compared to Donnie Yen, Kevin replied, “I can’t compare with Donnie Yen in terms of Kung Fu, but it will be difficult to ask him to act cute!”


In this drama, Kevin will also present a more romantic Ip Man. A scene which features Kevin hugging Cecilia Han passionately in the snow create much excitement from the viewers.

A netizen wrote, “The way Kevin looks at Cecilia, it makes us fall in love with him!”

Some also applauded Kevin for his action scenes. One netizen wrote, “I feel like watching Kevin live after seeing how nimble he is on the ring. I feel a rapid rise to my adrenaline!”

Catch a preview of the Ip Man drama 

Source: Sina, Xinhuanet

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