Kristal Tin films first MV with Louis Koo


Kristal Tin will be launching her first album in March next year!

It has been a lucky year for Kristal. After winning the TV Queen award at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards, Kristal will be fulfilling her dream to become a singer.

Kristal first entered into the showbiz when she joined a singing competition when she was 15. Despite winning the competition, Kristal did not have any opportunity to cut her own album.

She then joined ATV and became an actress. After joining TVB in 2006, Kristal has been featured in many dramas and even promoted to lead actress.

This year, Kristal was even signed on by Hong Kong renowned artiste manager, Paco Wong under his recording label. Kristal’s new album will cover the hit songs by Hong Kong and Taiwanese male singers.

For her Do not hurt <不傷人> music video, Kristal even invites her good friend, Louis Koo to film the video with her.

“When deciding on the MV’s lead actor, my handsome guys chart list are first, Leonardo DiCaprio; second, James Dean and third, Louis Koo. When I called Louis, he agreed immediately and asked me for the date and time. Since he is such a loyal friend, I will move him from the third place to the first. Haha!”

Kristal also shared about singing Taiwanese blind singer, Xiao Huang-Chi’s hit song. “I like Tiger Huang’s songs all along and then came to know about Xiao Huang-Chi. Since this album is about covering others’ hit songs, I decided to sing Do not hurt. This song is about love and how a couple’s relationship changes after dating.”

In the MV, Kristal is transformed into a singer in the 50s. When Kristal is singing on stage, she fantasized about Louis being her lover inside the audience.

Kristal’s husband, Chapman To will also shoot the cover for her new album.

Earlier, Chapman even uploaded a video on his wife singing Tiger Huang’s classic song, It’s not that simple <沒那麼簡單> in a toilet while doing her makeup. Sharing the video on Youtube, Chapman wrote, “Recently, my wife loves to sing this song while she does her makeup in toilet!”


Source: HK Channel

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