Lee Ang’s ‘Life of Pi’ roars with flying colours

Taiwanese filmmaker, Lee Ang’s (李安) latest movie Life of Pi roars into theatres with flying colours.

Adapted from best selling novel by Yann Martel, Life of Pi hits the China theatres and has already surpasses RMB30 million within two days in the box office. It is widely speculated that the critically acclaimed film may reach RMB200 million in days to come!

In the North American box office, the film climbed onto the fifth spot quickly and collected US$30.2 million over the weekend.

Life of Pi tells an intriguing story about an Indian youth drifting on a lifeboat with a tiger after a shipwreck. Many had considered the introspective novel almost impossible to film, but Lee Ang manages to dazzle the audiences with his brilliant 3D and impeccable visual effects.

Lee Ang is lauded for using newcomer Suraj Sharma, who delivered a remarking performance and brought his character alive on screen. Holding three auditions for the casting, Suraj disclosed his shock when he was selected. He was initially accompanying his younger brother for the audition and little did he expect that he was being chosen instead.

Many Asian celebrities also supported Lee Ang’s film and gave their thumbs up for his incredible work.

Hong Kong actress, Carina Lau (刘嘉玲) wrote in her Weibo, “Thank you Lee Ang for giving us a moving film on Thanksgiving day. The movie not only displays an adventure, survival, hope and curiosity, it also brings to the viewers a sense of spirituality and faith. It also has a marvellous 3D visual effects”.

Hong Kong film director, Peter Chan’s (陳可辛) wrote, “Just finished watching Life of Pi. Wow! This is the kind of movie which you need to watch it on its premiere.”

Taiwanese pop singer, Leehom Wang (王力宏) also has praise for Lee Ang and wrote in his Weibo, “Lee Ang, Bravo!”

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 Source: ent.sina.com.cn

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One thought on “Lee Ang’s ‘Life of Pi’ roars with flying colours

  1. I think I still prefer Avatar in comparision with Life of Pi. But I must say Life of Pi is one of the few movies that got me thinking about the conclusion…did Pi made up the story to convince the people around him or did he kill someone to survive….

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