Leon Lai dedicates new song to Gaile Lok? “I can forget you”


After his divorce headlines hit the Chinese entertainment industry last year , Leon Lai has been keeping a low-profile and shuns away from the public. In October last year, Leon and Gaile Lok released a statement stating that they had broken up due to irreconcilable differences in life philosophies.

Yesterday, the heavenly king released his new song, I can forget you <我可以忘記你>. As the love ballad is released after his separation from ex-wife, one can’t help but wonders if the song is a reflection of his emotions.

The lyrics seem to imply his remorse over the failed relationship. “You are the one paying for the hurt, and I am the one who is selfish and cruel…..”

“You peacefully move on and I am quietly surviving” – Are the lyrics describing the ex-couple’s current situation?

Leon also did a self-mockery and expressed his helplessness in his failed relationship. He sang, “I have never loved you. I love myself most. I used love to satisfy my curiosity. I only have the guts to play games. Sorry, please do not mind.”

“We both did not have the chance to get sad for bidding goodbye. Why were we always feeling so tired? Why did we walk through the road getting so despondent…..”

Lastly, Leon sang about starting afresh and put the past behind him. “I have never loved you. I only love missing you. I can forget you, but I want to protect this secret more.”

What secret does Leon want to protect?

Source: Ming Pao

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3 thoughts on “Leon Lai dedicates new song to Gaile Lok? “I can forget you”

  1. Actually, I get the feeling that it might actually be something that Gaile said to him and he used it as a lyric/chorus. Possibly, to be able to express it without actually having to explicitly say it. While everyone thinks he is the one that is expressing the song, he is actually singing her words to him. It explains her actions more. She didn’t seem to think twice about hanging out with other guys before the divorce. Doubt she felt that bad about the failed relationship. And if my husband said he never loved me, you will be damn sure that I will take every penny I can from him. Unless I was the one that wronged him. Then i will quietly go back to mg life before him. Just an observation.

    • Totally agree to your comments. When I listen serveral times, I feel the same as you do. The lyrics must be Gaile’s words to Leon and she must have do something that wronged him. Poor Leon!!!

  2. i am looking forward for the English lyrics of the song, i can forget you. please help me to get it. thank you!

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