Lin Chi-ling bursts in tears after receiving a wedding proposal from Ma Tianyu


Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling has reportedly frozen her eggs and has also expressed her desire to have a family of her own.

Recently, the 40-year-old beauty has also listed the criteria of her other half, and even states that she does not mind dating someone younger or shorter. 

While filming Chinese travel reality programme, Sisters Over Flowers <花樣姐姐>, Chi-ling was rumoured with the 28-year-old Chinese star Ma Tianyu, as the pair often had intimate interaction. Viewers also expressed that they were looking more and more compatible.

Tianyu also admitted that Chi-ling had ignited his desire to protect her and said, “She can practically eat or drink anything, and can play. She has a easy-going character and all men will naturally want to protect such woman.”

During one episode, Tianyu even knelt down and proposed to Chi-ling. Having a desire to get married, Chi-ling burst out crying even knowing that it was just a show.

Chi-ling later said, “I don’t mind dating a younger man, but I only treat him [Tianyu] as a younger brother. I crave for marriage, so when brother proposed to me in this beautiful scenery, I can’t control my tears.”


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2 thoughts on “Lin Chi-ling bursts in tears after receiving a wedding proposal from Ma Tianyu

  1. I am also have the desire to get marriage. What is all the fuss about her after the what happened in the Chinese gossip column.

  2. Not sure why one person is so special. Can she make a person young again? Can she cure sickness? Can she bring a dead person back to life? I mean.. she cannot do any of these things and neither can we.. so what is all the fuzz about? When she becomes a senior do you think mankind really cares? Let;’ s seek what is important to all of us.. our individual humility and recognize we are all just humans.. some more famous than others but that is all. Such vanity!

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