Lin Chi-ling has frozen her eggs and waiting for Mr Right


Yesterday, Lin Chi-ling attended an event to promote the prevention and treatment of gynecologic cancer. After she spoke about late marriage and the risk of women who have not given birth, Chi-ling laughed as she seemed to be speaking about herself.

Taiwanese media reported that the 40-year-old Taiwanese model had secretly frozen her eggs, and is now waiting for her Mr Right to appear. When asked about the criteria she would look for her Mr Right, Chi-ling said that she did not mind dating a younger man, preferably someone 35-year-old and above.

She also does not mind dating someone shorter, preferably someone at least 164 cm tall. Educational qualification is not so important, and she would expect her other half to be filial, motivated and understand her well.

Although she does not mind dating someone younger than her, Chi-ling also dismissed her recent rumour with the 28-year-old Chinese star, Ma Tianyu. Chi-ling clarified that she only viewed Tianyu like her younger brother.

Chi-ling also dismissed rumours that said that her mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

“She is suffering from asthma, which in turn resulted in myocarditis,” said Chi-ling.

The Taiwanese model-actress said that she would not film any movie this year, and would at most take on one show. She would like to take a break to spend more time with her family.

When asked if she would invite ex-boyfriends, Jerry Yan and Qiu Shi Kai to dine with her mother, Chi-ling said, “It’s a good idea to arrange a dinner, but I need to consider the choice of the man.”

Source: Apple Daily

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